holiday giveaway

I have waxed poetic about the need for us to drink enough water throughout the day; but after water, tea is very likely the most consumed beverage in the world. Not counting water, it’s also probably the healthiest. The health benefits of tea can be found in a large group of protective plant based chemicals known as phenolic compounds, also known as polyphenols.

Logic would suggest that green, black, white and red (oolong) tea come from different plants, but they are all four from the same plant, a warm weather evergreen known as Camellia Sinensis, and the leaves of this plant contains the aforementioned polyphenols.

Although from the same plant, each type of tea brings its own set of health benefits to the table.

Black Tea

Black tea helps blood vessels function, therefore preventing stroke and heart attack; while studies have concluded that drinking black tea can help reverse an abnormal functioning of blood vessels that contribute to stroke and heart attack. Furthermore, improvements in the functioning of the blood vessels were visible within two hours of drinking just one cup of black tea- amazing right?!

Black tea has also been shown to lower cholesterol by lowering triglycerides; in fact black tea is superior to green tea in doing so. In addition to that, black tea has been shown to reduce the total (LDL) bad cholesterol in adults with mildly elevated cholesterol.

Green Tea

Now green tea is not one to be put in the corner, and its merits are long and storied; with all of green teas accolades being well deserved. In 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published results that showed that drinking tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese man and women by almost 60%. And in 2004 it was reported that the EGCG, the catechin in green tea, inhibited the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.

Andthere’s more feel good in green tea. A substance in green tea called theanine is helpful for improving mood and increasing a sense of relaxation; as theanine induces the release of GABA, which tends to calm down the brain. Feeling stressed? Brew a cup of green tea.

holiday giveaway

Happy Holidays from nourishtea and Vitality Guide for Women

So in the spirit of the season, Canadian tea company nourishtea and I have partnered together to bring you the Tea For Health Holiday Giveaway; and this week we want to give one lucky winner the gift of health with a nourishtea prize pack.

Now a little bit about nourishtea, they are a Canadian company which always appeals to me- nothing against other countries, I’m just proud to support homegrown companies doing great things! They support estates that are sustainable, ethical, and they abide by fair trade practices; furthermore, 5% of their proceeds go to organizations that work to fight world hunger and promote nutrition. I told you, there are many reasons to love nourishtea. All of their teas are certified organic and kosher; and I have been enjoying their teas on a daily basis for quite some time- soon one lucky winner will join me in this daily ritual.

So let’s get down to the meat and ‘taters of this festive holiday giveaway.

What you win:
The nourishtea holiday giveaway prize pack which includes the Minty Igloo Peppermint tea, Yummy Chai Black tea and the Sencha Way Green tea.

To be entered to win the holiday giveaway prize pack you must complete one or all of the following. Note- each action is an entry, meaning you can enter up to 6 times!

This contest is open to Canadian and United States residents only; and this giveaway is open from today December 10, 2012 and closes Sunday December 16th, 2012 at 11:59pm. The winner will be drawn at random on Monday December 17th, 2012.

Ok, this contest is CLOSED!

And the winner is… Maddy Jallden who commented on my Facebook Page with this comment “Genmaicha tea during the day, and Rooibos in the evening!” in response to the question “What is your favorite tea flavor?”.

Congrats Maddy!