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Submit an Article

I’m looking for guest content to inform and entertain my readers. I’m informal, yet informative and I would like this to be the overall tone of your article, too- for continuity and all.

” Spotlight on Berries and a Recipe!”
” Top 3 Ways to Naturally Cure Period Cramps”
“Cleansing Foods You Need to Start Eating Today”
Etc…get creative.

Take a peek around the blog to get an idea of my writing style.

The rules are simple to submit an article, it must first be original content; meaning you have not and will not publish it on your own site or use it as a guest post on another site. If it’s discovered your guest post has been duplicated, consider any future collaborations unlikely; all posts are checked through Copy Scape. Please write with the reader in mind.

An article that adheres to the aforementioned guidelines is welcome to 2 links; one within the body of the post and one within your author byline.

Please submit an article between 300-500 words- short and sweet; however, the smaller the word count, the more amazing the article must be. If you’re willing to craft a well researched article on a relevant subject, I’m more than happy to post it!

Kindly fill out the form below, with your article idea and short and enticing blurb about the content of the article. If I think it’s a good fit, you’ll hear from me; if you don’t hear from me within 7 days, feel free to post your article elsewhere.


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