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Vitality Guide For Women is now accepting guest posts!

I’m looking for content that fits – meaning posts that relate to women’s health and wellness, including but not limited to:

Healthy Recipes

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Take a peek around the blog to see what I’m looking for!

Your guest post must be original. That means you have not and will not publish it on your own site or use it as a guest post on another site. If I discover your guest post has been duplicated, you will no longer be allowed to guest post here; and I will be checking EVERY post through Copy Scape.

Every guest poster will receive a paragraph bio with three or four links; no spam, pornographic, affiliate or pharmaceutical links will be accepted.

All articles must be at least 500 words.

Article submissions and pitch ideas can be sent to And please note, I reserve the right to refuse any post- I promise I will be kind, but in order to maintain my vision for this site I will be picky; this is fair warning!

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