Spicy Chai and Peach Smoothie

This peach smoothie is confirmation that my obsession with peaches is at an all time high, likely due to the fact that their season is drawing to a close. When it comes to summer produce I’m guilty of taking certain things for granted and then scrambling to enjoy them to the fullest just as they are about to take a bow. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I have been peach obsessed, but this obsession was born in early August- foolish, I know. But I have been making up for lost time.

As you know I’ve been freezing my summer produce for use in the winter, although I fear they may not make the first snowfall. And what can I say about peaches that I haven’t already said? So I thought I’d use this post to give you small peach lesson!

We have China to thank for a great many things, including the peach; where the peach tree in ancient China was considered the Tree of Life. And if you plan on enjoying the last of what peach season has to offer, remember that peaches and, they’re brethren, nectarines must be picked when ripe- they don’t ripen well after picking. Take care to be gentle with your pickings, as one small bruise and the whole peach will go bad. Now, there are two types of peaches, Clingstone and Freestone; the former are the ones where the pit clings to the flesh (read: nightmare) and the latter are the ones where the pit breaks free. I happen to be quite partial to Freestone peaches for obvious reasons, but if Clingstone are the only ones on offer please don’t be deterred- they’re worth the effort!

This peach smoothie creation has been on very high rotation for the past two weeks and I don’t foresee much change in the future. Simply put, peaches and chai are a match made in culinary heaven; as the sweetness of the peaches serves to enhance and compliment the spiciness of the chai. Now before you go reaching for that sugary, liquid chai mixture found in most grocery stores-STOP! Save on calories by using real chai tea bags, just empty the contents into the blender with all the other ingredients and BOOM chai goodness!

As a variation (not pictured above), add 1 cup of spinach to boost the antioxidant content of this beverage.


Spicy Chai and Peach Smoothie

½ cup hemp seed milk
¼ cup kefir
4 ½ oz frozen peaches
1 tbsp hemp seeds
2 chai tea bag contents
1 tsp raw honey
¼ cup water

Combine all ingredients in a blender, and buzz until smooth.