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Whole food is one of the best ways to detoxify the body and as your chef, I cannot wait to help you detox deliciously with fresh and nourishing juices, smoothies and whole food meals. A diet rich in whole food smoothies, juices, soups and salads can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help you remove toxins from your body, aid digestion, and help you lose weight; not to mention that nourishing food is the cornerstone of health and vitality.

I’ve created my unique cleansing program to accommodate all levels, from the newbie to those who are more advanced in their health journey.

The Vitality Kitchen menu changes with the seasons, to ensure the food you eat is as fresh and vibrant as possible.


The Vitality Kitchen NOURISH Cleanse consist of cleansing juices, smoothies, soups and salads created to gently, yet effectively, cleanse the body.

This program is ideal for:

  • Food lovers, who cannot bear the thought drinking just juice for a number of days
  • Those with active lifestyles, whose body body demands solid nutrition to sustain energy output
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Anyone who wants to effectively cleanse their body, while still enjoying delicious food

How it Works
The day before starting your Vitality Kitchen NOURISH Cleanse you will pick up your package from the Vitality Kitchen, during the pick-up window you select.

Please note if you are embarking on a NOURISH Cleanse that is longer than 4 days, you will be required to pick up from the Vitality Kitchen more than once; this is to ensure you receiving fresh, high quality food.

NOURISH Cleanse Cost
1 day – $75.00
2 day – $145.00
3 day – $210.00
4 Day- $280.00
5 Day- $350.00
6 Day- $430.00
7 Day- $500.00

DISCLAIMER: If you are under medical supervision for anything, especially diabetes, please consult with your doctor before starting any type of cleansing program. And PLEASE alert The Vitality Kitchen of any allergies.


For a more in depth wellness plan, work one on one with Bianca to Unlock Your Healthiest You! CLICK HERE for more information.



Dinner Preparation

  • Females: $29.00/day includes 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of carbohydrates, 2 servings of vegetables.
  • Males: $35.00/day includes 2 servings of protein, 2 servings of carbohydrates and 3 servings of vegetables.

Breakfast or Lunch and Dinner Preparation

  • Females: $40.00 per day. Lunch and dinner servings same as above; breakfast includes 1 serving of protein, 1 servings of fruit, 1 serving of carbohydrates.
  • Males: $45.00 per day. Lunch and dinner servings same as above; breakfast includes 2 servings of protein, 1 serving of fruit. 2 servings of carbohydrates.

The Full Meal Plan- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Preparation

  • Females: $52.00/day, portion sizes same as above.
  • Males: $60.00/day, portion sizes same as above.

NOTE: Additional servings of carbohydrates or vegetables can be added for $2.00/serving; additional servings of protein can be added for $4.50/serving.

Minimum purchase order of 3 days is required.

For more information, click HERE.


In the days and weeks after the birth of your baby getting the proper nutrition is especially important. Apart from recovering the tremendous stress of delivering your baby, you will need energy to face all of your new parental duties.

The Vitality Kitchen wants to nourish and nurture new mothers with the Post Partum Care Package, by taking the stress out of eating after baby, with A delicious gourmet postpartum nutrition program providing all of the healthy nutritional dietary requirements recommended for pre and postnatal women.

Package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

PERK: We can prepare dinners that you and your partner can enjoy, so everyone is taken care of during this special time of being new parents.

The Vitality Kitchen Post Partum Care Package is designed to address specific nutritional needs of new mothers by offering a variety of options based on current pre- or postnatal stages. Nursing moms will have meals tailored to increase their caloric intake for milk production and the health of mom and baby.

  • $75.00 per day for formula feeding mothers
  • $85.00 per for nursing mothers
  • $20 extra per day to add a “Daddy Dinner”

Includes food and consultation to determine specific dietary needs.

Pickup or Delivery
Pick from the Vitality Kitchen is free, delivery is subject to courier rates. Delivery orders must be paid in advance, via credit card or email money transfer.

Refund Policy
As the Vitality Kitchen deals in perishable food, once the order is filled, the sale is final.

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