Boost Your Vitality with Organic Living

The subject of organics and examination of the foods we eat have taken centre stage; from the cover of Time Magazine to the inside your favourite glossy magazine, what we put in our mouths has become relevant water cooler conversation. Todays guest post highlights the benefits of organic living, and how you can embark down your, very own, path to… Read more →

Your Guide to Cooking Herbs

In The Vitality Kitchen herbs are an essential part of the menu selections, as a means of adding fragrance and flavour to the bounty of deliciously cleansing food we prepare. In the winter the focus are deep and pungent flavours like rosemary and sage; while in the summer meals tend to favour parsley, mint and basil. As with any ingredients,… Read more →

Summer Recipes ~ Chimichurri

Summer has arrived. Although in Edmonton calling summer is a dangerous game, as one minute the sun is shining and the next menacing clouds ruin your picnic. Regardless, I’m saying, SUMMER IS HERE; and with summer comes summer recipes. Summer is an exciting time to get to know your food, because summer recipes tend to be easy, non committal and… Read more →

Make the Most of Your Farmers Market Experience

Bring A Bag It’s essential to bring your own bag to the farmers market, as most vendors will not have big grocery bags to hold all of your goodies; and the whole premise of a farmer’s market is sustainability; how sustainable are plastic shopping bags? Keep a cloth bag in your vehicle or rolled up in your bag; should you… Read more →

Summer Appetizer ~ Watermelon Pizza

Summer has official graced us with her presence and with the arrival of summer comes a whole host of joyous summer activities, namely, the BARBECUE. I love summer barbecues more than anything; and this past weekend my friends and I opened the season strong with an epic potluck bbq. I always call upon my salad making skills when it comes… Read more →