If you’re a woman and you’ve been affected by hair loss, then this article is especially designed for you; if you are a woman who has just noticed her hair starting to fall out, this article is for you!
In college, my wife had the most beautiful silky blond hair I’ve ever seen; but after she gave birth to our first baby, it started to fall out and I could see how depressed and anxious she was getting; and although this is normal postpartum, I decided to do something. I read every article and every book on the subject in an effort to help my wife regain her long blond tresses. Since then, I’ve been reading a lot on the subject of growing back one’s hair and I’ve read a lot of reviews and stories about women who grew their hair back naturally- without the use of drugs.

The promise of this post, is to achieve understanding of diet and hair loss; I cannot promise that you will grow back all of your hair, but in my experience, you will get about half of it. I say this because I don’t want to give you false hope; however, regaining half of your hair is great news; and you should consider yourself lucky if you get such results.

Natural Hair Loss Remedies For Women


  • Flax Seeds

Eat a lot of flax seeds, ground flax seeds to be exact. I don’t want to sound too optimistic, but ground flax seeds are a wonder drug, a natural wonder drug! If you aren’t eating them, you definitely need to start. Ground flax seeds add essential vitamins, mineral and most importantly fiber to our diets.
You see, hair loss is caused my many factors, but in most cases, for women, it’s caused by hormonal imbalance; and when female hormones are so abundant in the body, hair loss is one of the more noticeable side effects of this excess. However, hair loss during and after pregnancy is completely normal.
Here is why fibers in flax seeds are so essential, they absorb the excess hormones and expel them when you go to the bathroom; helping revive your hair. Hair that struggles to grow because of the hormonal load will become free and will develop naturally.

  • Go Vegan

Another proven way to help hair growth is to try a vegan lifestyle for three months. Many women, who were experience heavy hair loss, noted that most of the hair grew strong and normal after becoming vegans. This is because meat and fish today is often heavily polluted with dioxins and heavy metals like lead and mercury! A vegan diet lowers your intake of these poisonous metals and helps hair grow normal again.

Researchers have done a lot of experiments and analysis on vegans and meat eaters and this is what they’ve found: the amounts of heavy metals in meat eaters’ hair are about two four times higher than with vegans. This explains why most hair is going to develop naturally and strong on a vegan diet. If a vegan diet frightens you, try lowering your meat and fish consumption; as they are the primary sources of heavy metals in our diets. Lowering intake to as little as two times a week, could produce lasting results!

Good luck ladies; and remember- you are beautiful!

 Author Bio
Adam Greger has been reading and studying the subjects of nutrition and health for over twenty years and has advised many readers on the importance of adding rich diets and healthy foods to their lives. He has helped many women gain back their youth and vitality through natural foods and products.