Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and I, like most of you, indulged this weekend. I spent the weekend with friends and family, enjoying delicious food and lively drinks; but tomorrow will undoubtedly bring thoughts of losing the bloat and getting back on track. So while I squeeze out the last of this holiday weekend, I present to you a guest writer who will highlight the best in internet weight loss tools , to help us all with our fitness and weight loss efforts.

Happy Thanksgiving ladies; I’m extremely thankful for your continued support!

internet weight loss tools

Effective Internet Weight Loss Tools

It’s no secret that obesity is a growing concern; as we are all coming to understand that there are many things that contribute to this epidemic. Advancements in technology are often accused of being one of the main culprits in the obesity epidemic; as the internet makes it possible to have virtually everything at our fingertips. When we have so many things available to us on our computers, why would we want to get up out of our chair? Let alone leave the house.

Luckily, there are those of us who have realized that this is a problem and have opted to use the internet for its truly intended purpose: to help and inform. There are so many internet weight loss tools available to us today, with the sole intention of helping us lose weight and stay fit. In addition to that, we can find a plethora of healthy recipe blogs (like Vitality Guide for Women!) and thousands of fitness videos on YouTube.

The only problem that exists from having so many free weight loss tools and websites is that it can sometimes be difficult to find effective ones. In order to help you on your path to weight loss, we have compiled a list of some of our favorites.


A free membership at offers a variety of basic weight loss tools that we could want or need. While they also offer various paid packages with extra features, the free plan works just fine. Once you sign up with the website, you will have your own dashboard or home page, which  will be split up into the following categories: weight, activity, calorie budget, food, net calories, and mood. is extremely user-friendly. When you click on the “food” tab, you can search a huge database of food to find nutritional information, including calories, for a specific item.

You can also keep track of your weight using the “weight” tab. You will enter your current weight, your weight goal, and the progress that you make along the way.

In addition to keeping track of the calories that you take in during the day, you can also keep track of the calories that you burn. The “activity” tab includes a database of exercises to choose from; and it is likely that your exercise of choice will be in the database, but you also have the option of adding in your own.


Another great weight loss tool that is available to us via the internet is Like, the LiveStrong home page is split up into tabs. Their tabs include food, fitness, community, and tools. A great aspect of their website is the in-depth FAQs and articles about a variety of subjects, including exercise, nutrition, and weight loss.

The “fitness” tab includes things like a BMI calculator, a body fat calculator, and a fitness tracker. It also includes fitness videos for people on every level. The fitness tracker allows you to document the activity that you complete during the day, so you know how far you have gone and how many calories you have burned.

The “food” tab includes in-depth nutritional guides, as well as healthy ways to eat if you have specific allergies.

The “community” tab is one of LiveStrong’s unique features; it allows you to find like-minded people with whom you can accomplish weight loss and other goals.

Because both of these websites offer so much in the way of weight loss and healthy living, this article does not include all of their features. However, they are both very user-friendly and act as great motivational tools on the path to healthier living- check them out!


Author Bio

Guest blogger Chelsea Adams works for a marketing firm and specializes in SEO for Clearwater, Florida.  She spends a lot of time in front of a computer.  This is both good and bad.  She has managed to sniff out some of the internet’s best kept health secrets; however, she needs to remember to get up and move too!