avocados for health

Many factors are associated in altering your life span for the better. The rate of aging can be slowed down by strictly sticking on to a healthy regime that comprises of a nutritious diet and being physically active. Some of the old age diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart problems can be prevented by adopting healthy food habits. The following anti aging foods can be added to your diet to help you stay healthy and beautiful for decades to come!

  • Avocado

This fruit has long been considered as an excellent anti aging food; leaving women with healthy glowing skin by the abundance of vitamin E. Diminished levels of toxins and cholesterol are brought about through its monosaturated fat content.

Avocado sandwich

Ingredients: mayonnaise that is fat free, whole wheat bread, avocado, cheese and cucumber.


a. Take 8 slices of bread and apply mayonnaise on them. 

b. Arrange 4 layers of bread with a lettuce leaf, 2 slices of cucumber, a slice of avocado and a strip of cheese. Rest of the slices should be placed on the top. Cut the sandwich into triangles.

  • Broccoli

The robust flavor of broccoli has made it a favorite for many. Enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K present aids in the strengthening of your bones. The fiber content ensures regularity and helps you to stay fit.

Broccoli soup

Ingredients: 1 tbsp butter1tbsp olive oil, 1 onion finely chopped, a celery stalk chopped, 1 tsp parsley, 6 cups broccoli finely chopped, 2cups water, salt and pepper to taste.


a. Heat the pan, add butter and oil. 

b. To this add onion and celery. keep stirring till the onions are soft, then add parsley and garlic and sauté till the aroma is released. 

c. Put broccoli and water. Bring to a simmer till it is soft. 

d. Blend the soup with a blender in small amounts. Serve with salt and pepper.

  • Fish

Omega 3 fatty acids, present in fish, play a significant role in reducing the cholesterol accumulated in the arteries and irregular heartbeats, thus improving the health of your heart. Everyone should endeavor to eat more fish to protect their vascular strength.

Crispy fish

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1tbsp fenugreek seeds, salt, 1 cup of mashed potatoes, little oil and 4 fish fillets.


a. Take a bowl and whip all the ingredients except potato and allow marinating. 

b. Take the potato in a different bowl. 

c. Take a deep bottomed pan, add oil and heat at a medium flame. 

d. Coat the fillets with the marinated mixture and mashed potato. 

e. Deep fry for the golden brown on both the sides.

  • Yogurt

Osteoporosis, an old age disorder, is prevented by regular use of yogurt in your diet. It is a source of calcium that is essential for the development and maintenance of strong bones. The beneficial bacterium present in yogurt proves effective at reducing intestinal disorders that appear as you age. The health of the gut is also controlled by probiotics found in yogurt.

Creamy yoghurt with berries

Ingredients: 4 cups of fatless yoghurt, 3 cups of fresh berries, and a spoon of vanilla essence.


a. Drain off the extra water from yoghurt using a strainer. 

b. Refrigerate the yoghurt covered with a clean cloth. 

c. Use a blender to puree the berries. 

d. To this add the vanilla essence and mix it with the thickened yoghurt.

  • Water 

Above all, water is most important for your body to keep it hydrated. You need to have 8-10 glasses of water a day for gorgeous skin.

These foods benefit you by helping promote a healthy and beautiful appearance- from the inside out; thus making you look younger.

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