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Cooking Tips For Beets

It’s no secret that I love beets; they’re detoxifying, they’re cheap and, best of all, they’re delicious, but, let’s face it, they’re messy. There are a great many cooking tips when it comes to beets, and today’s shows you how to enjoy this crimson root vegetable without your kitchen resembling a crime scene.

When we peel beets prior to cooking they bleed all over our hands, cutting boards and anything within reach; instead, trim both ends and boil the beets in salted water or stock for 30 minutes. Drain and allow the beets to cool slightly. Wrap a boiled beet in a kitchen cloth and rub vigorously, and the skin will very easily slide off, leaving you with a perfectly peeled beet- without all the mess!

Do you have any cooking tips for beets?