Weight Loss

Internet Weight Loss Tools- Using The Medium For Good

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and I, like most of you, indulged this weekend. I spent the weekend with friends and family, enjoying delicious food and lively drinks; but tomorrow will undoubtedly bring thoughts of losing the bloat and getting back on track. So while I squeeze out the last of this holiday weekend, I present to you a guest… Read more →

Guest Post~ Good Sleep For Health

Personally I need, on average, 7.5 hours sleep a night in order to function; sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less. Regardless of the circumstance, be it a holiday or work, I rarely let anything get in the way of my shut eye. . Lack of sleep can have seriously adverse effects on our bodies, from weight gain to heart… Read more →

Sassy Flavored Water~ Making Water Fun

I have a confession; I hate drinking water. I’ve hated it as long as I can remember; and, although many would say that water is flavorless, I tend to disagree. Water is the ultimate in bland flavor. When a soup lacks flavor, we refer to it as watery, right?! I’ve managed to meet my daily water requirements due in large… Read more →

Lemon Zested Greek Yogurt And Raspberry Parfait

It’s well known around these parts that I love smoothies; but I’ll spare you my long winded explanation as to why- we’ve been down that road many times. I want to talk about Greek yogurt. Every single one of my smoothies contains Greek yogurt; because I like the creaminess it provides. Although I don’t complain, but when someone kindly makes… Read more →

Guest Post~ The Truth About Protein Products

Everyone knows that whey protein is a truly great product, which delivers a series of benefits due to its complex of amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Unlike the regular whey products, the organic ones include a truly great antioxidant, known as Glutathione, which is also refereed to as the master antioxidant. Obviously, this name helps everyone to understand that… Read more →