Surviving The Holiday Christmas Ebook

I am SOOOO please to announce the release of my very first Christmas ebook, Surviving The Holidays! I have been working on this for years you could say, as the resident Christmas meal preparer; well, ever since my grandmother relinquished her title.

I have compiled my best recipes and tips for a deliciously healthy Christmas; with over 17 pages, it’s definitely got you covered!

And in the same spirit, I wanted to share another holiday survival tip- MAKE A PLAN. Say it with me, Make. A. PLAN. Or suffer the consequences. Not to be dramatic, but it’s no fun slaving away in the kitchen while your guests enjoy the meal, simply because you didn’t have a plan of attack.

BUT fear not, The Surviving The Holidays Ebook also comes complete with a preparation timeline, so the christmas chef in your life can relax and enjoy the day too.

Download the Ebook HERE.

Survive The Holidays with Hydration

Surviving the holidays can be a challenge, with all the holiday parties and celebrations of yuletide cheer; so this holiday season I am going to help you survive the holidays with tips for wellness and also how you can have a stress free Christmas dinner, if you are the one tasked with making the feast.

The chef in me will guide you through the holidays so that when it’s time to get cooking you will be armed and ready- because the cook should enjoy the day too, right?!

And the nutritionist in me will be giving you wellness tips to see you through to January with you waistline in tact; starting today with HYDRATION. If I can impart one nugget of holiday wellness it’s to stay hydrated; and in this video I will tell you why and offer some tastier alternatives to plain old water.

Just in time for American Thanksgiving!

Build Immunity For The Winter Ahead

This past week I stopped by CTV Morning Live Edmonton to rap about building immunity and preventing colds this coming winter season; because no one wants to be that sniffling, sneezing, stay-away-from-her sickie this winter.

Stay tuned to the end of the video when the host Rob Williams decides to get cavalier in building his immunity and gets a lesson in Oil of Oregano!

Do tell, how do you maintain immunity in the winter? What tips from this video are you going to implement for everlasting immunity this winter? Let me know!


Don’t forget to visit The Vitality Kitchen website, to check out our immunity building cleansing programs, meal plan packages and upcoming classes and events!

Heart Healthy Raw Chocolate Pudding

heart healthy chocolate pudding

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I felt this was the perfect excuse to celebrate all matters of the heart; so why not have chocolate pudding?!

All chocolate pudding is not created equal, but those made with legitimate ingredients like cashews and coconut can protect your heart; perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Check out my Raw Chocolate Pudding YouTube video- it’s a goody; click here for the delicious visual goodness and , of course, the recipe!