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Spotlight on Parsnips

Parsnip, they’re sweet, brimming with nutrients and make for the most perfect mashed potato substitute during the holidays. In fact, in The Vitality Kitchen this Christmas, we are whipping up Celery Root and Parsnip Mash for our Christmas Dinner sides offering. Have you tried mashing your parsnips? On The Vitality Kitchen Facebook page this week, […]



The Vitality Guide for Women~ A New Direction

For those of you who have been following for a while, you know that what started as a blog has blossomed into a full blown, brick and mortar company, The Vitality Kitchen; and as I have been learning to juggle the demands of a growing company, this place has been left to grow weeds- I […]

Three Bean Salad with Broccolini 2

Spring is here and summer is a comin'; and this is the time of year where I streamline my diet in preparation for the scantily clad season. You see, all the heavy winter foods that we consume, although perfectly comforting and nourishing, find themselves out of season when the weather starts to warm up; and […]