Stomach Health

Juice Fast vs. Smoothie Feast

I ran stairs the other day, after almost a full summer without consistent exercise; and it was the first step in getting things back on track. Summer has been fun, with all the travel, my birthday, close friends’ birthdays and the like; but the fun is over. I’ll still be fun, of course, but my body and mind are ready… Read more →

Vegan Almond Mayo and The Benefits Of Soaking Almonds

SCROLL FOR VIDEO AND RECIPE Nuts. I love nuts, from pistachios to hazelnuts to almonds, I could eat nuts at every meal for the rest of my life and never get enough of them. I especially love almonds. But the glorious almond can cause some people digestive upsets; in minor cases, stomach aches, but in slightly more serious cases, vomiting… Read more →

How To Make Kombucha

(video below) Kombucha. You either love this stuff more than words can describe or find yourself repulsed at the thought; however, regardless of where you stand on kombucha, you cannot deny the power of this fermented life juice. So what is kombucha anyway? Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea, that is either served the way nature intended or with the… Read more →

Lavender Infused Overnight Oats

This week is one of those weeks where there is barely a moment to breath; I’m moving house, starting a new job, and two new exciting work opportunities have presented themselves to me. I’ve been buzzing around with a slight nervous tension, but I’m happy, fulfilled and doing what I love; I can remember a year ago, wishing for this… Read more →

Cleanse vs. Detox…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it’s already January 2013?! January is synonymous with healthier fare, new gym memberships and detoxes or cleanses; and it’s not uncommon to hear people say they are undertaking a detox or cleanse and using the words interchangeably. However, did you know that a detox and a cleanse are two very different things? I have… Read more →