Skin Protection

How to Shop For Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

I’m a skincare fanatic. I wear SPF 30 on my face year round and my bathroom counter looks like a spa. I believe strongly in protecting my skin from environmental factors and, let’s face it, nobody wants wrinkles. Today’s guest post is all about how to shop for anti-aging skin care products; from what ingredients to look for and the importance of sun protection.


How to Shop For Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

How to Shop For Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Safe Sun~ Summer Skin Protection Tips

I’m a summer baby, born during the dogs days on July 11th- my mother recalls sweating profusely for the last three weeks of her pregnancy; I maintain that I made up for it by only taking four hours to deliver. In any case, I love the hot season of the year; but most doctors, naturopaths and health practitioners alike, worry about their patients most during this season, as sun exposure wreaks havoc on our skin- our protective layer.

I am a sunscreen warrior, I wear it year round; but I know many who eschew the stuff for various reasons, ranging from it’s finish, chalky or greasy, the toxins found within drugstore brands, and, most frustratingly, because they simply forget. But you know what, skin cancer is on the rise among women under 40, due in large part to sun beds. A word on sun beds, DON’T, just don’t; it has been said that for those who indulge in sun bed activities, it’s not a matter of IF you will cancer but WHEN. And I know this seems positively ridiculous coming from someone with dark skin, but just as I have come to terms with being dark, you should come to terms with being light- it’s the way nature intended!