PCOS Podcast pt 2

Ep009 | The PCOS Podcast Part Deux

Podcast Show Notes

Short list of show notes today ladies, things in the Vitality Kitchen are very busy at the moment.

I mention Alisa Vitti in the podcast. She is a medical doctor who specializes in natural method to cure PCOS; and ladies, she’s been there, having resolved her own PCOS through food and lifestyle habits. Anything I could say on the matter, she could say much better. Visit her HERE.


orgasms for health podcast

Podcast Ep005 | Orgasms For Health

Podcast Show Notes

In this episode of the Vitality Guide for Women Podcast we talk orgasms, in honour of National Masturbation Month! It’s no secret that orgasms are fun as hell, but did you know that they are important for our sanity and overall health- rejoice!

Orgasms Regulate Periods

  • Sends blood to the pelvic area
  • Women who orgasm once a week are more likely to have regular menstrual cycles

Listen to podcast episode 1 about Rethinking Your Period

Orgasms Make Us Healthier

  • Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease and protects the heart
  • Improves brain and memory

Orgasms Make Us Look Younger (HOORAY!)

Orgasms Make Us Happy

  • Endorphins flush cortisol out of the body, therefore reducing inflammation in the body
  • Results in a deep state of relaxation and leads to better sleep
  • Relieves stress

Orgasms Relieve Pain

  • Release of oxytocin which is a natural pain reliever which can dissipate cramps, headaches and even lead to orgasmic birth…though I’ve never met a mother who’s reported orgasming during labour and delivery

Orgasms Are Detoxifying

  • The sweeping flow of blood through the body gives the lymphatic system a massage and cleanse
  • Settles tension in the muscles, which boosts healthy digestion…listen to episode 4 about digestion HERE

Remember, you don’t need a partner to have heaps of orgasms; while waiting for your prince or princess charming, give yourself a hand!

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Natural Remedies to Improve Mood and Libido

Women are consistently in hormonal flux, with our hormones dictating our cycle, our skin, our weight and so much more. And as women age, hormones become a factor in maintaining happiness and sexual vitality.

Hormonal wellness is overall wellness, and today’s guest highlights natural remedies to improve mood and libido; because the girl who is getting some, is ALWAYS happy!




Natural Remedies to Improve Mood and Libido

Sleep For Better Sex

I love sleep. I love sex. But did you know that these two activities are not mutually exclusive? Yes they happen (usually) in bed, but they are far more linked than that. Not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on our sex lives, which is why I am please to present today’s guest post, all about sleep for better sex.

More sleep = Better sex…it’s win-win!

Sleep for better sex

Sleep For Better Sex

5 Health Benefits Of Sex For Women

Who doesn’t love a roll in the hay? From the post coitus glow to the undeniable pep in our step, the health benefits of sex for women are long storied. Today’s guest post highlights why we should be gettin’ it on! And this post isn’t just for those who are coupled up; these benefits are also associated with, ahem, self pleasure.

As always please remember to practice safe sex; sex is fun, STD’s are not.

health benefits of sex for women

5 Health Benefits Of Sex For Women