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Natural Remedies to Improve Mood and Libido 1

Women are consistently in hormonal flux, with our hormones dictating our cycle, our skin, our weight and so much more. And as women age, hormones become a factor in maintaining happiness and sexual vitality. Hormonal wellness is overall wellness, and today’s guest highlights natural remedies to improve mood and libido; because the girl who is […]


Sleep for better sex

Sleep For Better Sex

I love sleep. I love sex. But did you know that these two activities are not mutually exclusive? Yes they happen (usually) in bed, but they are far more linked than that. Not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on our sex lives, which is why I am please to present today’s guest […]

Yoga For An Improved Sex Life

I love guest posts on the Vitality Guide for Women; especially when they’re super informative. So this week, while I’m off gallivanting around Chicago, in celebration of my twenty seventh birthday, I’m happy to present to you some amazing guest features. Enjoy! Yoga For An Improved Sex Life Yoga is generally thought of as a […]

Blueberry Bee Pollen Smoothie~ The Key To Radiant Health 4

Recently I had a rather indulgent weekend. It was fun, I ate, I saw; and I paid dearly. Eating a diet rich in whole foods ensures that my body has the nutrients it needs to stay healthy; but it also makes it so that my body revolts when I eat anything but. My indulgent weekend […]