I receive a great deal of questions via email; from recipe advice to cooking preparations. But the topic that comes up the most in recent emails is the topic of juicing. I love juicing, it’s no secret; just take one look at my Instagram feed and you’ll see! The juicing questions run the gamut from what to juice with what, to what juicer to buy and everything in between; but I recently received a question that I knew I had to answer here because it’s very important.

“Bianca, I’m new to juicing and also a very busy mom of two; I recently lost 15lbs and now I want to start juicing. I was wondering, since I’m so low on time, can I juice my fruits and vegetables with skins on? I don’t buy organic food (it’s a bit too costly at the moment), so I want to know whether I should be peeling all my produce? I plan juicing for myself and my girls and I want to make sure that I’m doing it right. I’m hoping you’ll say I don’t have to peel them; but I’m willing to do whatever you say, because I want to get the most out of my juicing.”
~Tammy H.