Ah, November- excuse me, I mean Movember; the month of advised and very ill advised moustachery. Despite being a month that separates the men from the boys (facial hair wise), this month is rooted in the health of our men.

Movember means a lot to me, because my grandfather had prostate cancer and has, himself, lost many a comrade to this silent disease; which is why I find the Movemeber movement to be so important.

Now, as with October and Pinkwashing, this month is wrought with Mowashing- big companies preying on the good intentions of people. So I want to reiterate the importance of, not just awareness, but action; it’s one thing to grow a moustache and it’s quite another to be empowered with knowledge and use it for good.

With that, I hope this post empowers women, and men alike, to take their health into their own hands.


prostate cancer awareness

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month- More Than Just A Moustache