Kitchen Tips

Top 3 Ways to Know When the Turkey Is Done

The Christmas feast is a week or so away; and I want to talk about the bird. The very first Christmas where I took over the turkey, I didn’t cook the turkey properly; it was pink inside, but crispy and deceivingly done looking on the outside. Nevertheless, we ate around the pink parts and fired the turkey in the oven… Read more →

Sweet Corn Salsa with Olives

These days you can find me in the kitchen creating for my Vitality Juices cleansing programs; while the juices change only with seasons, my cleansing meal plans change weekly. I have been having a blast making soups, smoothie and salads that show people that healthy food IS delicious. Last week as I was brainstorming for this week’s meal plans, I… Read more →

The Paleo Diet Approved Cauliflower Rice

Paleo, Paleolithic, Caveman or Ancestor, whatever you call it, the diet our ancestors have consumed throughout evolution is once again gaining popularity. This morning I paid a visit to CTV Morning Live Edmonton and shared a recipe for cauliflower rice; a real rice mimicking recipe that falls within the confines of the paleo diet. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO! Paleo… Read more →

Dehydrate Food without a Dehydrator

{scroll for video} Dehydrating food is something that I have recently become interested; I like the idea of keeping my food nutrient dense, but still getting some heat on it- must be the chef in me. But, alas, I have no desire to loosen my purse strings and buy a dehydrator; with a Norwalk juicer on its way and a… Read more →

BioSnacky 10 Day Sprouting Challenge~ The Beginning

I love the idea of sprouting, in fact I sprout my nuts and seeds prior to make them into milk; but as far as sprouting beans and other things, I have never gotten around to it. Sprouting in a mason jar, although a noble feat, just never appealed to me; so when I was invited to apply to be a… Read more →