The Hatha Yoga Journey~ Katie’s Story

Today I have the pleasure of presenting one of my good friends Katie; who is one of the smartest, kindness and warmest people that I know. Katie radiates light from her entire being- effortlessly it would seem; and today she shares her journey to become a Hatha yoga teacher and the lessons she learned along the way. I sincerely hope… Read more →

Guest Post~ 3 Steps To Make Visualization Work For You

While I’m off gallivanting and taking in the CHFA West in the beautiful city that is Vancouver; I thought I would be remiss to leave you with nothing to whet your natural health appetites. So I’ve lined up some guest posts, to keep you entertained. ******* Visualization has long been proven as an effective tool in achieving one’s goals and… Read more →

Self Love For Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day; and I, like many, take this day to reflect on love. As a single girl, this year I do not have an object to direct my affection; so instead I will reflect on loving thyself. I’d like to tell you a story… I used to be incredibly cruel to myself; when I was younger, I hated… Read more →

The Experts Series~ Joy McCarthy On Holistic Health

As a natural foods chef, nutrition is so important to my everyday life- from my career to my health; which is why I was instantly drawn to Toronto based nutritionist Joy McCarthy. Joy is an expert in holistic health including Super Foods and natural beauty. Through her workshops she empowers people to harness the goodness of food for health and… Read more →

The Experts Series~ Sarah Wilson On Quitting Sugar

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know very well that I quit sugar this year- for good. It was something I had been thinking about for months; and what finally made me take the leap was reading the ebook by Sarah Wilson called “I Quit Sugar”, which lead me to the book “Sweet Poison” by David Gillespie. Both… Read more →