Meditation Benefits For The Modern Woman

The average woman today has so much on her plate; juggling a career, a husband, children and friendship. Despite our best efforts, having it all, can be, well, too much. Enter meditation.

Meditation benefits are many, from slowing heart rate, improving focus and achieving that elusive feeling of zen. And meditation is not the “woo woo” activity it once was; oh no the meditation benefits for the modern woman mean that we can have it all- and enjoy it.

Read on sisters, grab a mat, find a quiet corner and zen out; the meditation benefits for the modern woman are yours to claim!


meditation benefits

Designer Bio
Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer, researcher, and the founder of Gryffin Media. Working alongside, she was able to bring her love of meditation to life in this great infographic on the health benefits of meditation.

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Top 4 Mood Boosting Foods

Last week I was in a funk. With the dawn of November came record snowfall, and gloomy skies; and without sunshine my mood was beginning to suffer. And despite my best efforts to supplement with vitamin D, I just couldn’t shake it. So when today’s guest author sent me this post about the top four mood boosting foods, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect; as I suspect that if I’m feeling this way, many of your are too.

So without further ado…

mood boosting foods

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