Guest Post

The Health Benefits of Massage

I love to relax; and as life grows busier in the Vitality Kitchen, self care has become numero uno on the agenda. While sleep is my form of meditation, massages are a luxury that I also allow myself to indulge in. Hey, standing for 8 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week, warrants a rub down here and there.… Read more →

Boost Your Vitality with Organic Living

The subject of organics and examination of the foods we eat have taken centre stage; from the cover of Time Magazine to the inside your favourite glossy magazine, what we put in our mouths has become relevant water cooler conversation. Todays guest post highlights the benefits of organic living, and how you can embark down your, very own, path to… Read more →

$1.75…The Price of Hunger- Live Below the Line Challenge

 Have you ever been hungry? I mean truly hungry. People all over the world, at this very moment, have no idea where their next meal is going to come; and others have less than $1.75 a day to feed themselves and their families- A DOLLAR SEVENTY FIVE! Today’s guest post is about a challenge that aims to not only show people what… Read more →

Top 5 Whole Foods Tips For Healthy Living

My life and business are intertwined with food; I cook for clients and then cook for myself, in hopes of providing the best and most delicious nutrition- it consumes me you could say. But so often I find the people know very little about whole foods, processed foods and how to make the right choices. Today’s guest post shares how… Read more →

Making the Natural Choice in Birth Control

When it comes to vitality, one of the foremost decisions a woman can make is to understand her fertility and reproductive health; and with women having scarily adverse reactions to taking the pill, I would say it’s high time to take back our fertility from the men in lab coats. Natural birth control is so much more than the pull… Read more →