Gluten Free

Cranberry Coconut Almond Granola

Breakfast? Do you eat it? Although I’m about to sound like the broken record of all broken records, here goes; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we eat breakfast we give our digestive system the cue to get ready and optimize for a day of nutrient assimilation. But we’ve all been guilty of skipping this essential… Read more →

Leek and Cashew Soup

Happy New Year friends; I still have a hard time writing 2014- TWENTY FOURTEEN. But it’s here! January is here and with January comes resolutions. I personally hate the term resolution, I prefer intentions; but that’s just me. In any case, t’is the season to detox, cleanse, stop the buck; ¬†whatever you happen to call it, this is when we… Read more →

Raw Zucchini and Coconut Cream Salad

When most think of raw salads, nowhere in that thought process does winter factor into the equation; and, although, I am generally inclined to believe that in cooler climates, the winter is tailored to warming food, but I also believe that in order to stay healthy and well, ensuring a high intake of raw foods is essential for kickin’ immunity!… Read more →

The Paleo Diet Approved Cauliflower Rice

Paleo, Paleolithic, Caveman or Ancestor, whatever you call it, the diet our ancestors have consumed throughout evolution is once again gaining popularity. This morning I paid a visit to CTV Morning Live Edmonton and shared a recipe for cauliflower rice; a real rice mimicking recipe that falls within the confines of the paleo diet. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO! Paleo… Read more →