How To Cook Summer Squash~ Roasted Pattypans

After months of piercing heat, it would appear as though Mother Nature has changed her tune; where once we were seeking cool refuge, we are now cozying up in comfy sweaters. Whether this is a short reprieve from the heat, for which I should be grateful, or a sign of the changing times remains a mystery; but I took this moment to become reacquainted with my oven and roast me some Patty Pans!

Before we get to the basics of how to cook summer squash, a nutrition AND history lesson!

Squash comes in two basic categories: winter and summer, with Pattypan summer squash being the most diminutive of both seasons; and in the land of folk and lore, it’s said that Christopher Columbus is responsible for spreading this South American delicacy throughout the rest of the Americas.

Summer Squash Casserole with Potato

If you follow me on Twitter (@VitalityGuide) then you are well aware that my garden is becoming quite the marvel. We got off to a puttering start, and our delinquency resulted in a mess of weeds; summer sippin’, vacations and the pull of gainful employment was surely to blame. But alas, despite our borderline neglect, our garden has really begun to take flight. Where once we were able to harvest from our garden maybe once every week and a half, we are now overwhelmed by the bounty of our planted enclosure.

Every visit I marvel at the wonder of nature and her ability to support life in such a way. I used to wonder why people would surrender full weekend days to their gardening efforts; but now I get it- completely. The first visit where we were able to harvest I nearly cried at the sight of zucchini flowers; I cheered when we pulled candy cane beets; and I marveled at the height of our corn- boy, I am waiting on bated breath for the corn to be ready; but alas corn is like me, a late bloomer, but I know it will be worth the wait!

Superfood Tomato Salsa


There is something so quintessentially summer about tomatoes. When I bite into one it’s almost like tasting sunshine. I used to despise tomatoes, due in large part to the lackluster presentation of them in soggy sandwiches in the dead of winter; and then I had a tomato right off the vine in the summer sun- then I understood what everyone was fawning about. The lesson, winter and tomatoes do not mix, they are a summer vegetable and I choose only to enjoy them when they are at their best.

Homemade Stevia Syrup

Sugar. What hasn’t been said about this white dusty enemy? There are moments where sugar consumption is inevitable; however, since the dawn of this year I have endeavored to cut it out of my life, which has proved challenging, to say the least. Sugar is everywhere, from your Starbucks latte to your morning piece of toast; and the negative effects of consuming sugar can be seen everywhere as well, from tooth decay to obesity to mood disorders and skin problems…the list could go on forever.

Enter stevia.

Fresh Garden Green Salad Recipe

Remember my garden? Well when my gardening cohorts and I walked up to our garden yesterday, you’d think we had forgotten about it. Judging by the amount of weeds we encountered, to outside onlookers, it would have appeared that we had completely abandoned our little patch of flourishing life- but we didn’t; life has an incredible way of foiling even the best laid plans. So after three weeks of little to no tending, we embarked on what would end up being three hours of weeding.

The lesson; don’t be a gardening delinquent. Lesson. Learned.

In any event, our garden is once again presentable; and we are now beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labor! Despite being slightly neglected, our garden gifted us with all the trappings to create the freshest garden salad ever made- well maybe not ever, but you understand my excitement!

We were able to pick: