Making the Natural Choice in Birth Control

When it comes to vitality, one of the foremost decisions a woman can make is to understand her fertility and reproductive health; and with women having scarily adverse reactions to taking the pill, I would say it’s high time to take back our fertility from the men in lab coats. Natural birth control is so much more than the pull… Read more →

Womens Health: Seven Tests You Get Need To Get

I find as I get older, I recognize my own mortality; not to be morbid, but it’s true. I think with age comes an understanding that my health is in my own hands, and should I get cavalier, anything can happen. Which is why today’s guest post is ever so important. Womens health is important to me, because I am… Read more →

The Female Menstrual Cycle ~ An Infographic On Periods

Periods, Menstrual Cycle, Rag, Miss Red, The Curse- whatever you call it, as women, for five to seven days out of the month we bleed. Sorry to be graphic but it’s the truth! When were younger it was a sign of womanhood; then it quickly became an inconvenient way to ruin a beach vacation; and now it is a measure… Read more →

Foods To Eat While Pregnant

Eating healthy is paramount to living a healthy life; but the most important time to adopt healthy eating habits is when a woman is with child. Not only is she eating for her own well being, but for the well being of her unborn child. I think we can all agree that the responsibility of growing life should not be… Read more →

A Woman’s Guide To Fertility

  I love guest posts on the Vitality Guide for Women; especially when they’re super informative. So this week, while I’m off gallivanting around Chicago, in celebration of my twenty seventh birthday, I’m happy to present to you some amazing guest features. Enjoy! A Woman’s Guide to Fertility If you are currently trying to conceive, it may be helpful to… Read more →