Breast Cancer

Broccolini and Shaved Carrot Salad

In my line of work I have to keep things in the kitchen fresh; and, I must say, winter really exercises my creative muscle when it comes to eating locally and as seasonal as possible. Despite the unseasonable temperatures of late, Edmonton is generally cold and barren wasteland in the winter when it comes to abundant produce; what can I… Read more →

Womens Health: Seven Tests You Get Need To Get

I find as I get older, I recognize my own mortality; not to be morbid, but it’s true. I think with age comes an understanding that my health is in my own hands, and should I get cavalier, anything can happen. Which is why today’s guest post is ever so important. Womens health is important to me, because I am… Read more →

Beet And Cabbage Borscht

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live is cold- really cold; and with the dawn of winter I have ramped up my soup making efforts. I looove making soup; in fact, of all the things I’ve been trained to make, soup is my favorite. I place soup up on a pedestal with the likes of smoothies,… Read more →

Gremolata Parsley Sauce

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada; and an integral part of giving thanks, for me, means spending time with those that I love, which necessitates a lot of eating and drinking. It’s no secret that people gather around food and drink and use it as a measure to share love, as sharing meals and sharing love have often gone… Read more →

Leek, Potato And Broccoli Soup Recipe

Have you done a self breast examination yet? If not, pause from reading this post, head over to the Vitality Guide for Women Facebook page and get the how to guide (you may have to scroll to see it) and DO IT; then come right back and continue reading. Every woman should know how to examine her breasts, so if… Read more →