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Turmeric Recipes ~ Lemonade

If there ever was a spice that deserved full regalia, turmeric would be it. This spicy staple originates from India, where they are responsible for 94% of the production; and it gives Indian food its characteristic flavor. Turmeric is essential in curry, so if you consume curry, you inadvertently consume turmeric- go you! Turmeric is […]

turmeric recipes

How Aromatherapy Affects Mind, Body and Spirit

How Aromatherapy Affects Mind, Body and Spirit 1

I have a tendency to get wound up right around three-ish in the afternoon, likely caused by staring at a computer screen for far too long without a break. When this happens I always reach for my essential oils- lavender in particular, which is a well know relaxer. Today’s guest post expands on an earlier […]