Botanical Medicine

Your Guide to Cooking Herbs

In The Vitality Kitchen herbs are an essential part of the menu selections, as a means of adding fragrance and flavour to the bounty of deliciously cleansing food we prepare. In the winter the focus are deep and pungent flavours like rosemary and sage; while in the summer meals tend to favour parsley, mint and basil. As with any ingredients,… Read more →

Have a Happy Holiday with A.Vogel

We are less than two weeks from the BIG day- Christmas- and with the season at full throttle, and brisk temperatures sweeping the continent, winter wellness is at the forefront of EVERYONE’S mind. The Rundown Being busy, eating less than stellar grub, booze and lack of quality sleep can lead to a less than happy holiday; because being sick and… Read more →

Turmeric Recipes ~ Lemonade

If there ever was a spice that deserved full regalia, turmeric would be it. This spicy staple originates from India, where they are responsible for 94% of the production; and it gives Indian food its characteristic flavor. Turmeric is essential in curry, so if you consume curry, you inadvertently consume turmeric- go you! Turmeric is a member of the ginger… Read more →

How Aromatherapy Affects Mind, Body and Spirit

I have a tendency to get wound up right around three-ish in the afternoon, likely caused by staring at a computer screen for far too long without a break. When this happens I always reach for my essential oils- lavender in particular, which is a well know relaxer. Today’s guest post expands on an earlier post on essential oils; highlighting… Read more →

Raw Honey Health Benefits Video

Honey- what’s not to love! Honey is truly the nectar of the gods and made by one of the most valued members of agriculture, pollinators; also known as bee’s. Raw honey health benefits are vast and wonderful; but honey can either be a rich source of vitamins , minerals and carbohydrates or a heavily processed compatriot of sugar. Therefore it… Read more →