Recently I had a rather indulgent weekend. It was fun, I ate, I saw; and I paid dearly. Eating a diet rich in whole foods ensures that my body has the nutrients it needs to stay healthy; but it also makes it so that my body revolts when I eat anything but.

My indulgent weekend included copious amounts of alcohol, a lack of sleep and, regrettable, fast food; in the nature of full disclosure I felt I had to confess- I feel much better. This weekend resulted in a lackluster start to my week. I felt exhausted; simple things wore me out, reinforcing why I eat the way that I do.

Lucky for me I have a reserve of health foods on hand, that are well know energy boosters; and in this instance I looked to Bee Pollen.

These floral flavored granules are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that boost our energy levels naturally; so much so that many professional athletes look to this super food for enhanced performance. But Bee Pollen is much more than just an energy source.

In many studies Bee pollen has been proven to increase white and red blood cells in the body; making it an excellent choice for women of menstrual age. Due to increased blood benefits, bee pollen is great for our skin, giving it a certain glow; and it has been shown to battle eczema and acne, while fading fine lines and wrinkles- it’s no wonder why bee pollen is considered the key to radiant health!

Our reproductive systems stand to benefit from consuming Bee Pollen as well; as it helps keep our lady parts healthy AND lessen the severity of peri and menopausal symptoms. Which is excellent because Bee Pollen also boosts libido; when combined with ginseng and honey this can give any sex life a…lift.

Bee Pollen is available in granules and capsule form; but I tend to shy away from the capsule variety; as fillers are widely used and I prefer to consume only the active ingredient. They infuse perfectly into smoothies and impart a lightly floral flavor that pairs nicely with many varieties of fruit.

So in honor of nutrition month, and blueberry week, I’d like to share this libido boosting, lady part loving smoothie sipper!


Blueberry Bee Pollen Smoothie

1 cup almond milk

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 tbsp Bee Pollen granules

1 tsp Organic Maca

2 tbsp Greek Yogurt

Combine all ingredient and blend until smooth.


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