Hi, my name is Bianca. I had something really long winded written here before, but it just didn’t seem to fit anymore.

Here’s the scoop, growing up I always struggled with my weight and had a very limited understanding of food- being a picky eater certainly didn’t help matters; food and I were in constant battle.

But I grew up, dropped the weight and assumed skinny meant healthy, this was not the case. Despite being svelte, my body had gone into revolt. a rash covered my whole torso and it burned like something fierce; meanwhile doctors first prescribed topical antibiotics, which didn’t work; then, oral antibiotics, which, you guessed it, didn’t work. At which point I was told this “allergic” reaction was due to stress and I was advised to simply wait it out. Bummer.

I didn’t know how to love my body, and it showed.

I’m not going to kid you, it has taken me YEARS to get to where I am today, which is a holistically healthy woman, and I did it with food; and you know what? The journey started here, as the Vitality Guide for Women.

I knew how to cook, because I went to culinary school, but as far as food being medicine, that was completely foreign to me. When I had finally figured out that what I put into my mouth could change my life, everything changed.

I quit working for other people, started a wellness business, went back to school for nutrition and figured out the missing piece that was missing all along. Food. Food is our friend, when we enjoy food how it was meant to be enjoyed- whole- food is our best friend.

I advocate for delicious food, because eating food for wellness should never¬†sacrifice flavour- EVER. I’m also a lover of life and firm believer in the 80/20 rule; 80% of my life is spent walking the walk, the other 20% accounts for the fact that I’m human and I love living life to the fullest, which sometimes means 3 or 4 glasses of wine with girlfriends.

I’m just being me, and I hope what I share on The Vitality Guide for Women is of value to you, it’s changed my life and I sincerely hope it can do the same for you.