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Hello! And welcome to my kitchen, I’m Bianca.

Since October 2011, I have been using this place to share my love for whole, natural foods and holistic wellness. Here you will find mostly plant based dishes that are approachable and easy to prepare; that you will love and will, most importantly, love your body back. The Vitality Kitchen is a celebration of Mother Nature’s bounty, where you will find real world culinary inspiration, with a healthy focus and realistic advice about how we can all be our best selves!

So a little bit about me.

As an adolescent I struggled with my weight, I was always carrying “baby fat”. I can remember trying diet after diet from a relatively young age; and by the time I was 17 I had already tried Atkins, Weight Watcher and Herbal Magic, and, of course, none of them worked. The day I graduated high school was a bitter sweet one, yes I had graduated, but while most girls were svelte and confident in their dresses, I was tipping the scales at 195lbs.

Skinny Fat

After high school I moved across the country to Toronto to study music; and the fast paced lifestyle led me to shed over 40lbs. But this was when I began to experiment with all sorts of devious things that led to my significant weight loss; yes, I was skinny but I was far from healthy. I was so unhealthy that body began to rebel in other ways; I had a terrible rash all over my body and my hormones were a mess which resulted in mood swings, bad skin and wonky periods. I never understood food, and it never dawned on me that what I put into my mouth could improve my health or be a hindrance to it. I ate once a day and drank like a fish, but I was skinny so I thought everything was fine.

After four years, I made the decision to move back to Alberta and study the culinary arts- blame hours of the food network! 5 days a week spent cooking with butter and lard led me to gain back 25 of the 40 pounds I had lost; and this was when my hormones went off the charts. All my doctor could suggest was going back on the birth control pill- and we all know the perils of the pill; especially going on and off of it. I struggled for 2 years while I was in school, while my weight yoyo’d.

After graduation I started a catering company with my best friend; although the catering company has turned into a roaring success, this partnership did not last. Let’s just say I HATE catering; luckily we remain the best of friends! Then I worked in and ran a few kitchens; which I hated even more. I found that cooking in restaurants and catering sucked the joy and love out of cooking for me; I wasn’t cooking the food I loved- I didn’t yet know my “style” of cooking, but I knew it wasn’t what I was doing. Finally after years of being a hormonal nutcase with zero handle on her body and lost career wise, I decided to investigate the world of natural foods; and what began as a small investigation, blossomed into a passionate love.

Whole Food- The Game Changer

I was amazed at what I didn’t know and what I wasn’t told about the amazing power of food. So I took my culinary education (which I was beginning to think was going to go to waste) and became a student of natural foods- I wanted to learn everything! I was amazed at how quickly I began to notice a difference in how I felt, my mood(s) and my overall feeling of vitality. And THIS is how the Vitality Kitchen was born. I went back to school for nutrition to learn as much as I could about how food impacted vitality, and became a certified holistic nutritionist in the process.

I am now a card carrying whole food evangelist, and I have made it my duty to spread the word.

My food philosophy is this, KEEP IT SIMPLE; Mother Nature gives us everything we need to live a life full of vitality, and my recipes are simply a vessel to share all her wonders with you.

Thank you so much for visiting. And remember, we’re in this together! I created The Vitality Kitchen to share my experiences; and to advocate connecting, asking and sharing in an effort to take our health into our own hands.

Let’s Connect

I love to connect with people who are on their own path to wellness about anything and EVERYTHING natural food and wellness; conversation is how we all become more empowered in our health- let’s talk!


In health and abundant wealth,


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