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Homemade Beauty Products 3

It is said that women expose themselves to over 200 toxic chemicals before they even leave the home; from hair care to skincare, the toxic cocktails include chemicals such as pthalates, sulphates, triclosan, BPA and the list continues. For more information about your beauty products, visit David Suzuki’s website where he details exactly what to […]

practicing yoga

Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

I like yoga. I appreciate the mind body connection that practicing yoga demands; but I’ll be honest, I fall so easily off the yoga wagon. I survive without it for a bit, becoming more overwhelmed over time, wondering what the hell is going on; and as soon as I hit the mat and feel the […]

Crispy Acorn Squash

 I’ve always been finnicky about texture; even the smallest texture variance in my food can turn me off completely. My aversion to bananas is rooted in their soft, yielding texture combined with their overwhelmingly bossy flavor profile- but I digress; there are moments where texture is a welcome addition to a dish. Although mild, it’s […]

Crispy Acorn Squash