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Email Question~ Juicing

I receive a great deal of questions via email; from recipe advice to cooking preparations. But the topic that comes up the most in recent emails is the topic of juicing. I love juicing, it’s no secret; just take one look at my Instagram feed and you’ll see! The juicing questions run the gamut from what to juice with what,… Read more →

Super Charged Post Workout Smoothie

Can you believe it’s the end of January? I feel like it was only yesterday that I was toasting to a New Year; time flies! As the New Year dawned I undertook a month long cleanse (wrap up video to come) and decided it was time to refocus my exercise efforts; and, although, eating healthy comes naturally to me, exercise… Read more →

10 Reason To Buy Locally Sourced Food

The locavore movement is steadily gaining steam. I know this because my city which is the northern most metropolis in the world manages to deliver many a farmer’s market to choose from, as the demand for quality produce that is sustainable and supportive of small farmers is growing. But, in addition to being sustainable and farmer supportive, locally sourced food… Read more →

Nutritional Yeast Recipes ~ Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce. For some people- myself included- these two words conjure up images childhood pasta dishes, enjoyed messily much to our parents chagrin; to others this is a revolting thought, that bears the hashtag #DirtyDairy. Who knew that something seemingly so harmless could be so polarizing? As my cleanse draws to a close, and I reflect on the experience, I… Read more →

Crunchy Pecan Cauliflower Recipe

We always hear the experts say “eat the rainbow”, and, of course, this is common nutritional wisdom; however, there are exceptions to this rule, namely mushrooms, whitefish and cauliflower. Now, I’ve waxed poetic about members of the brassica family, such as kale, cabbage and, of course, cauliflower; and the reason is because of the indoles, which give this monarchy of… Read more →