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Cooking Tip~ Cooking With Coconut Oil

    It’s no secret that I love all things coconut; from coconut sugar to coconut oil, and everything in between. And although coconut sugar is the flavor of caramel, coconut oil can be rather bossy when it comes to the flavor department. But the benefits of coconut oil are vast; ranging from a natural antibacterial moisturizer, rumored Alzheimer’s protection… Read more →

The Hatha Yoga Journey~ Katie’s Story

Today I have the pleasure of presenting one of my good friends Katie; who is one of the smartest, kindness and warmest people that I know. Katie radiates light from her entire being- effortlessly it would seem; and today she shares her journey to become a Hatha yoga teacher and the lessons she learned along the way. I sincerely hope… Read more →

Beet And Cabbage Borscht

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live is cold- really cold; and with the dawn of winter I have ramped up my soup making efforts. I looove making soup; in fact, of all the things I’ve been trained to make, soup is my favorite. I place soup up on a pedestal with the likes of smoothies,… Read more →

Cooking Tips By Bianca

Cooking Tips For Beets It’s no secret that I love beets; they’re detoxifying, they’re cheap and, best of all, they’re delicious, but, let’s face it, they’re messy. There are a great many cooking tips when it comes to beets, and today’s shows you how to enjoy this crimson root vegetable without your kitchen resembling a crime scene. When we peel… Read more →

Natural Skincare Solutions- Carrots

A commercial break cannot go by without one company or another claiming to have found the fountain of youth; with most of them being lies- sorry, this is not a matter of opinion but a matter of fact. However today’s guest author is offering an alternative to all those lotions and potion, with natural skincare solutions found in the most… Read more →