Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sweet Pea Avocado Pesto

I have officially dubbed this week, the week of the avocado; because I cannot seem to get enough of this pitted fruit. I’ve been spreading it on sprouted grain toast, putting it in smoothies and making lusciously smooth sweet pea avocado pesto sauce. Now I’ve covered all the reasons why we should be consuming avocados, from their healthy fats that… Read more →

Autumn is here; and although I haven’t gone back to class, I like to use the dawn of a new season as a time to reset my body and my goals. I don’t know about you but I consider the start of a new year to be in September and not January- twenty years of schooling is to blame. In… Read more →

Foods For Healthy Skin

It is very well documented on this website that nutrition is, not only my livelihood, but my passion too. When I was younger I struggled with problematic skin; and when I changed the way I ate my skin cleared up! The saying “let food be thy medicine” is definitely far reaching. Today’s guest post features all the foods for healthy… Read more →

How to Shop For Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

I’m a skincare fanatic. I wear SPF 30 on my face year round and my bathroom counter looks like a spa. I believe strongly in protecting my skin from environmental factors and, let’s face it, nobody wants wrinkles. Today’s guest post is all about how to shop for anti-aging skin care products; from what ingredients to look for and the… Read more →

Stress Relief Tips For Moms

Although I am not a mother, yet, I plan on it one day; but I don’t have to be a mother to understand that it’s one of the hardest jobs. As with any difficult job, stress levels tend to rise. Today’s guest post highlights stress relief tips for moms. Remember mom’s of the world, you are doing a great job!… Read more →