May 2012

THE Superfood Breakfast Recipe~ Brown Rice Power Bowl

When most people think of rice, they think savory- I myself used to be the same way; growing up in the era of Uncle Ben’s and Zatarain’s will do that to a person. In any case, as of late, rice, as a whole, has seen its reputation sullied by the low carbohydrate posse- they tend to do that; but depending on which variety we are talking about, and the method with which it is prepared, rice can be a great food or a complete waste of time.

There over a thousand rice varieties on the planet today, including those that are grown wild and those that are cultivated as a crop; with over 92% of the 550 million tons of it being produced in Asia- they sure know how to create rice masterpieces! So although two people may consume rice, they may in fact be eating entirely different foods.

Guest Post~ Hair Loss, Hormones And Heavy Metals

If you’re a woman and you’ve been affected by hair loss, then this article is especially designed for you; if you are a woman who has just noticed her hair starting to fall out, this article is for you!
In college, my wife had the most beautiful silky blond hair I’ve ever seen; but after she gave birth to our first baby, it started to fall out and I could see how depressed and anxious she was getting; and although this is normal postpartum, I decided to do something. I read every article and every book on the subject in an effort to help my wife regain her long blond tresses. Since then, I’ve been reading a lot on the subject of growing back one’s hair and I’ve read a lot of reviews and stories about women who grew their hair back naturally- without the use of drugs.

The promise of this post, is to achieve understanding of diet and hair loss; I cannot promise that you will grow back all of your hair, but in my experience, you will get about half of it. I say this because I don’t want to give you false hope; however, regaining half of your hair is great news; and you should consider yourself lucky if you get such results.

Safe Sun~ Summer Skin Protection Tips

I’m a summer baby, born during the dogs days on July 11th- my mother recalls sweating profusely for the last three weeks of her pregnancy; I maintain that I made up for it by only taking four hours to deliver. In any case, I love the hot season of the year; but most doctors, naturopaths and health practitioners alike, worry about their patients most during this season, as sun exposure wreaks havoc on our skin- our protective layer.

I am a sunscreen warrior, I wear it year round; but I know many who eschew the stuff for various reasons, ranging from it’s finish, chalky or greasy, the toxins found within drugstore brands, and, most frustratingly, because they simply forget. But you know what, skin cancer is on the rise among women under 40, due in large part to sun beds. A word on sun beds, DON’T, just don’t; it has been said that for those who indulge in sun bed activities, it’s not a matter of IF you will cancer but WHEN. And I know this seems positively ridiculous coming from someone with dark skin, but just as I have come to terms with being dark, you should come to terms with being light- it’s the way nature intended!

Blueberry and Hemp Seed Jam

Blueberry and Hemp Seed Jam

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am gaga for berries; and with good reason. Aside from being an antioxidant powerhouse, berries, blueberries in particular have a firmly established reputation as a memory protecting food. Blueberries contain compounds called anthocyanins that battle oxidization and inflammation; and both are culprits in virtually every major killer, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes and heart disease; and inflammation and oxidization is also named in “milder” conditions of aging like arthritis. And if that weren’t enough to reach for the nearest half pint of these gems, blueberries help neurons in the brain communicate with one another more effectively.

So you see, blueberries do the body good!

As the brain ages, neurons communicate less effectively, as processing, coordination and balance all tend to decline; but polyphenols found in blueberries work to turn on the signals, helping neurons to talk more efficiently- as in marriage, so in the brain, communication is EVERYTHING.

Urban Gardeners 2012

This year, for the first time ever, I am trying my hand at gardening. Three years ago I would never have thought that I would have a green anything, never mind a thumb; considering I’ve managed to kill cacti. But I and two of my best friends went ahead, despite my long history of plant killing, to become vegetable gardeners!

The opportunity came up quite serendipitously, as I was lamenting about the lack of space in my chosen CSA program; when my friend informed me that he knew someone who had a patch of land that was begging for a garden- we all rejoiced and decided that this was the year our flesh colored hands were to become green.

We made a list; we checked it twice; went to the nearest garden center; and set “Urban Vegetable Gardening 2012” into motion. And let me tell you, this is the first year that I have been happy to see spring showers!

As a chef, I couldn’t be more elated, to finally be able to say that my food is farm (backyard) to table. I researched the hell out of organic gardening; and here’s what I learned.