April 2012

Coconut Lentils With Grilled Fennel

I think I may give up meat for a while; since I’ve completely missed the boat on lent, it would seem my efforts are in the name of, well, giving up meat. Not quite as much fanfare but still a worthwhile cause.

Although there are many who give up meat, and claim to be healthier for it; I know, and have known, many a vegetarian or vegan who was far from it. There are a whole host of unhealthy foods that have not one animal product in them.

Legumes are an excellent way to offer variety to a vegetarian diet; and they offer a great deal when it comes to satiety. Simply put, they fill you up and have the ability to taste great! Lentils are one of my favorite legumes, as they find themselves well placed in so many meals; from brownies, yes brownies, to curries, lentils are an incredibly dexterous kitchen staple.

As Seen In: Metro Vancouver

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that last Friday (April 20th) I was featured in Metro Vancouver.

Highlight. Of. My. Year- and we’re only four months in, so I’m excited for the next eight months!

This is one of my favorite recipes- hands down; and being given the opportunity to share it with an even larger audience, was a great honor.

I just wanted to show you guys; because we’re friends, and friends share happy news with each other;)

Vancouver And CHFA West


I had an amazing week in Vancouver; it was one of those trips that reinforced that I am on the right path in life- I love experiences that build more love for my life and my abilities. And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Organika for giving me the opportunity to represent them. There’s a saying that goes “people make the company” and this saying rings very true at Organika; everyone was so welcoming to me. I genuinely enjoyed spending time with the Organika Family!

The week kicked off with YouTube video filming at the Organika Test Kitchen; which was the kind of kitchen I dream about when I sleep. Crystal and I made four of the six recipes I created for Organika; and we had a blast at the shoot. I was grateful for having this day scheduled prior to Breakfast Television Vancouver, because I was able to practice my on camera skills.

I was up ridiculously early on Friday morning; I was so excited for my first television appearance, and I’ve been told I looked natural- honestly, I was so nervous, my hands and knees were shaking; but thankfully not enough that the camera could pick up on it. Everyone at BT Vancouver we’re gems, really nice people. I definitely hope to present there again.

I was finished at Breakfast Television by 9:30 am; so I went back to my hotel room and prepped for a day out on the town! I was riding high from having my Coconut and Almond Crusted Shrimp recipe featured in Metro Vancouver and, of course, BT; and Vancouver delivered one of those days that makes people love a city like this. So, naturally, I treated myself to a daylong gallivant around downtown Vancouver. I walked to Granville Island, cruised the marina, bought myself flowers and a delicious lunch, complete with wine, at Bridges right on the water; and then I walked back, along the water and returned to my hotel. That evening I went to the revolving restaurant in my hotel; they played amazing music and my meal was yummy and indulgent.

Friday was the perfect day.

Guest Post~ Three Basics For A Vitalized Life

While I’m off gallivanting and taking in the CHFA West in the beautiful city that is Vancouver; I thought I would be remiss to leave you with nothing to whet your natural health appetites. So I’ve lined up some guest posts, to keep you entertained.


Everybody wants to have a healthy and vitalized life. However, it’s one thing to want it and another thing to actually live it. Having a life full of energy and vigor doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort; but it’s not hard to do! Here are the basics to leading a vitalized life.

You are what you eat!

We all have a certain diet; by diet, we basically mean our food intake. People opt for different types of diets such as vegetarian, protein-rich, carbohydrate free- you name it; however, having a balanced diet is one of the best ways to achieve a vitalized life. This means that you get to eat everything, within reason.

Our bodies needs all the nutrients it can get from grains, vegetables, fruits, oils, dairy, and meat; it simply boils down to the right ratio of each food group. There is no golden diet plan that applies to everyone; each person has a different nutritional needs. You may follow the food pyramid and determine—based on your current diet—what food group you need to increase or decrease your intake to make it healthier and more balanced.

Making incremental changes like eating more fruits and veggies over the next seven days can exact significant changes to how one feels. But be sure to start small; it’s easier to sustain dietary changes with mindful baby steps. rather than with giant diet leaps.

Guest Post~ 3 Steps To Make Visualization Work For You

While I’m off gallivanting and taking in the CHFA West in the beautiful city that is Vancouver; I thought I would be remiss to leave you with nothing to whet your natural health appetites. So I’ve lined up some guest posts, to keep you entertained.


Visualization has long been proven as an effective tool in achieving one’s goals and aspirations in life. In fact, many successful individuals use varied visualization techniques and they are living proof that it really works.

Many people find it easy to do since there is no difference in visualizing and daydreaming. However, visualization is more than just thinking and drawing pictures in one’s mind. It takes more than that since it also involves emotions and desires. You can daydream about having a high paying job but if you lack the drive to go after that dream, you’ll never be able to attain it. With visualization, you don’t only see yourself in a high paying position but you also feel what it’s like and think of ways to reach that goal.

In order for visualization to be effective, you have to follow some techniques that will help you manifest your visions into a reality. However, you have to bear in mind that there are techniques that will work on others but won’t work for you. This is why it’s important that you find the best and most appropriate visualization techniques and tailor them to your needs. Here are some success tips for visualization: