Monthly Archives: March 2012

My Kitchen Essential~ My Blendtec Blender

I firmly believe that culinary success depends upon being well equipped; that isn’t to say that every doodad has its place- frankly, most kitchens tools are completely useless. But the ones that are useful in my kitchen, I consider part of the family. Whenever I find myself cooking in someone else’s kitchen, I oftentimes have to hide my frustration over… Read more →

Asian Style Red Quinoa And Tofu

Can you believe March is coming to a close? It baffles me that this year is already three months in; I feel like I was just counting down the minutes to the New Year. I was warned about fleeting time in my girlhood; but I thought it was merely a tool that “older’ people used to scare the younger generation.… Read more →

Have A Good Morning With Amaranth Porridge

Whole grains; once only consisted of brown rice or whole wheat bread. It was a boring horizon that many chose not venture; boy, things have changed! Now, by my own disclosure, I am a quinoa girl; but rather recently I have become quite enamored with Amaranth. This prized ancient grain hails from South America; and has recently experienced a revival… Read more →

Beet Recipe Round-Up

Friday, it’s Friday- pardon me for channeling my inner Rebecca Black; but I love Fridays for so many reasons. One, it’s the weekend; and two, its round-up day! The internet is wonderful place, isn’t it? Whenever I need recipe inspiration, it’s but a mere click clack away! This week proved very easy to find hoards of beet recipes to share;… Read more →

Beet And Mixed Berry Smoothie

The first time I ever tasted a smoothie made with beets, I was intrigued; I also felt a little bit foolish because I had yet to think of doing this myself. I was surprised at how well beets integrated into smoothies. Believe it or not, they blend effortlessly with berries, citrus and the like; their sweetness enhanced when commingled with… Read more →