Monthly Archives: November 2011

Love Your Gut~Tips For Digestive Health

The National Institute of Health reports that 70 million people, about a ¼ of us, suffer from digestive disorders; ranging from bloating, gas, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea and constipation, to name a few. And feeling discomfort isn’t the only consequence of an angry stomach: a growing legion of experts, alternative and mainstream practitioners alike, agree that there is a connection between… Read more →

Curried Carrot Soup- Health In A Bowl

Since my days in chef whites, making soup has been my favorite kitchen activity. I love being able to layer flavors and achieve a complex, flavorful and affordable meal! And as the weather cools, my soup efforts kick into high gear. The reason soup is so fitting for the season is the same reason smoothies and fresh juices are perfect… Read more →

Love Thy Self- Self Love Pep Talk!

We all have those days when we feel blah. We look in the mirror and instead of seeing strong, beautiful women, we see all the things we dislike about ourselves; a roll here, a wrinkle there, you name it. I have those days on occasion; where I find myself being over critical of everything. I get into a mood, I… Read more →

The Beauty Of Sleep~ Foods For Insomnia

What we eat plays a significant role in how we sleep. Being sleep deprived for extended periods of time leads to lethargy, loss of concentration, irritability and premature aging; and that is just scratching the surface of the repercussions associated with not getting enough sleep. But for those who suffer from insomnia, there are alternatives to popping sleep aids, which… Read more →

Get Healthy, Save Money

I often hear people say “it’s expensive to live healthily”; but I am here to say, those people are WRONG! Adopting a lifestyle that promotes wellness can and will serve to put cash back in our pockets; with healthcare costs mounting, it proves wise to make small changes to keep our money in our pockets. Eating right and exercising prevents… Read more →