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Top 10 Super Foods For Your Skin

The thought of aging skin strikes fear in the hearts of many women; young and old, everyone is looking for the fountain of youth. The number of people turning to plastic surgery, fillers and injections is rising by the day; but healthy skin can be achieved through what I like to call a great skin diet. Increasingly studies are finding… Read more →

Grab Another Cuppa.

For years coffee has had a bad reputation, always playing second fiddle to the anti oxidant richness of tea; but recently the merits of coffee have been gaining notoriety. Since my days as a Starbucks barista, I have been 100% a coffee girl; yes, I drink tea and I enjoy it, but as far as my morning caffeine delivery, a… Read more →

The Lady Comp Natural Birth Control Device

*This article is written under the assumption that you are practicing safe sex. Being proactive about birth control is secondary to being proactive about disease prevention. Sex, we all love it; it’s great for our bodies and minds. But for those of us who aren’t ready for the pitter patter of little feet, sex comes with the responsibility of protecting… Read more →

Superfoods and Your Skin

First things first – skin health starts from within. Your body is like a finely tuned car – if you put good fuel in, you get good performance out. If you eat fries and greasy junk food all the time, your body simply cannot obtain the vitamins, minerals and proteins it needs to operate well. Instead, not only will you… Read more →

Oven Roasted Immunity

As the weather cools off, it is a reminder that cozy fall recipes are in vogue. I used to be one of those people that mourned the loss of summer. But now as the end of hot weather and skimpy clothing makes way for sweaters and ciders, I am reminded that fighting colds and flu’s becomes extra important as we… Read more →