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How To Cure A Cold In One Day

Last week I fell ill with a cold; and any entrepreneur will tell you that there ain’t NO time for sickness. As the aches and pains began to creep in I felt sheer panic, because my business, The Vitality Kitchen, cannot operate without me- but this is a whole other topic, which we will eventually get to.

I had one day to spare for sickness and I vowed that I was going to rifle deep in my holistic wellness repertoire and by every means necessary kick this cold; and because all my cold cure defences worked, I want to share with you how to cure a cold in one day.

One disclaimer, though I was better in one day and I’m confident that I know how to cure a cold, the nasal stuffiness took about 3 days to subside- but I felt 100% after one day of rest, hydrating and whole foods!

I hope you enjoy the information in this video; and I would love for you to share how you stay well or get better when you’re sick.


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Build Immunity For The Winter Ahead

This past week I stopped by CTV Morning Live Edmonton to rap about building immunity and preventing colds this coming winter season; because no one wants to be that sniffling, sneezing, stay-away-from-her sickie this winter.

Stay tuned to the end of the video when the host Rob Williams decides to get cavalier in building his immunity and gets a lesson in Oil of Oregano!

Do tell, how do you maintain immunity in the winter? What tips from this video are you going to implement for everlasting immunity this winter? Let me know!


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