Liver Loving Christmas Juice

Christmas has descended on The Vitality Kitchen, we’ve trimmed our tree and decked our halls; and with this season comes HEAPS of over indulgence that can weigh us down or even make us sick. On The Vitality Kitchen blog, I shared a delicious detoxifying and seasonal juice featuring a winter food star, pomegranate. This juice […]

detox christmas juice


Spotlight on Parsnips

Parsnip, they’re sweet, brimming with nutrients and make for the most perfect mashed potato substitute during the holidays. In fact, in The Vitality Kitchen this Christmas, we are whipping up Celery Root and Parsnip Mash for our Christmas Dinner sides offering. Have you tried mashing your parsnips? On The Vitality Kitchen Facebook page this week, […]

Surviving The Holiday Christmas Ebook

I am SOOOO please to announce the release of my very first Christmas ebook, Surviving The Holidays! I have been working on this for years you could say, as the resident Christmas meal preparer; well, ever since my grandmother relinquished her title.

I have compiled my best recipes and tips for a deliciously healthy Christmas; with over 17 pages, it’s definitely got you covered!

And in the same spirit, I wanted to share another holiday survival tip- MAKE A PLAN. Say it with me, Make. A. PLAN. Or suffer the consequences. Not to be dramatic, but it’s no fun slaving away in the kitchen while your guests enjoy the meal, simply because you didn’t have a plan of attack.

BUT fear not, The Surviving The Holidays Ebook also comes complete with a preparation timeline, so the christmas chef in your life can relax and enjoy the day too.

Download the Ebook HERE.


Healthy Eating Tip- Less is More

When it come to the food we eat, LESS IS MORE The fewer ingredients listed on our food the better; a good rule of thumb is to stick to foods with ingredients you can pronounce. Or better yet, eat food without a label at all; think fresh produce. When scanning labels, steer clear of: Partially […]